Fexco Tax Back


About Fexco Tax Back


In Ireland, Value Added Tax (VAT) or sales tax is added to all price tags displayed. If you are a non EU visitor, you can save time and money with the FEXCO HORIZON Card. FEXCO’s HORIZON Card allows you to purchase gifts and products without having to pay tax. You can also apply to have your tax refunded as FEXCO Tax Free processes all necessary information.

You can get your FEXCO HORIZON card before you visit Ireland. This allows you to register your card online before your holiday. Alternatively, if you have already landed in Ireland, you can receive your FEXCO HORIZON card from a tour operator or from one of FEXCO Tax Free’s “Affiliated Stores”.

It is important to Register your FEXCO HORIZON card as soon as you receive it to ensure that:

  • you don’t have to allow extra time at the airport and
  • you can successfully claim a sales tax refund, as neglecting to do so means you will miss all the great savings that are yours to keep.

Once you have your FEXCO HORIZON card you can use the same card every time you visit Ireland!



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