Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Confidentiality Agreement

We will never send you any third-party marketing materials, or pass on your details to others.

Customer Support and Service

Our customer support can be contacted on +353 021 467 3472. This will normally be available from 09:00 - 17.30  Mon -Fri or you can e-mail us at: info@greenirelandinternational.com

Handling Complaints? Customer Feedback

We welcome all feedback on our service and would encourage you e-mail us at any time with any suggestions or complaints that you might have. If you feel it necessary to make a complaint you can be assured that we will address your complaint as a matter of priority. Only in this way can we provide a better service to you the customer. Please contact us at: info@greenirelandinternational.com

With Regards to Product Pictures and Descriptions

We have done our utmost to ensure that we provide accurate information about all our partners. However, Green Ireland International cannot guarantee the product pictures and descriptions to be completely accurate and denies all and any liability.  

Contracts & Statutory Rights

These Terms and Conditions do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer' as required by the Code of Practice.

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