Aillwee Caves

Aillwee Caves (also known as McGann's Cave) is a show cave located in the karst landscape of the Burren in north west County Clare. The name Aillwee is derived from the Irish Aill Bhuí which means 'yellow cliff'.


Waterfall Inside the Caves

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The Aillwee Cave system consists of over a kilometre of passages leading into the heart of the Clare mountains. The underground River, waterfall, as well as large stalactites and stalagmites are just some of it's many endearing features. The remains of bears can also be seen within the caves. Legend has it that Aillwee Caves were home to the last bear den in Ireland.

The Caves were first discovered when a farmer named Jack McGann followed his dog who was chasing a rabbit. He did not explore very far into the caves, and did not tell anyone of the find for nearly 30 years. He told cavers of the cave in 1973 and eventually in 1977 access was gained to the rest of the cave. The Marine Blast tunnel was completed in 1992 to allow a circular trip.

For Chinese Visitors

  • Guided Tours Available

Address: Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare


The Aillwee Caves have the following facilities available to visitors:

  • Birds of Prey Centre
  • Hawk Walk
  • Woodland Craft Village
  • Gift Shop
  • Cafe

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