Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see wild birds of prey up close and personal? Well now you can


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1.       Complimentary tea or coffee on arrival

2.       BRIEFING
Your day starts with an informal talk on the sport of falconry, wherein our visitors are encouraged to ask questions on falconry and birds of prey in general.

3.       HAWKWALK
We take our guests to a lightly wooded area in the countryside for their hands-on and photo friendly flying session. Here they get the opportunity to fly two, or more, Harris Hawks out of trees to their gloved fist. This session lasts one hour and covers nearly a mile over flat grassland. Great Pics!

4.       FALCON SHOW
You then return to the centre where the falconer will demonstrate the technique of flying a falcon to the lure for exercise. Spectacular in a good wind! More great pics. Visitors may have a photo holding a Lanner Falcon on their fist.

5.       OTHER BIRDS
We then fly a Turkey Vulture and/or Black Kite, again many more pics.

6.       OWL SHOW
Your activity then concludes with a photo session where you can get up close and intimate with some of our endearing owls and, of course, more super pics.

We recommend you bring the following:

  • A camera (There are many opportunities for great pictures)
  • comfortable clothes and shoes

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